Saturday, December 29, 2007

Roman Catholic Apologists and Anachronism

One of the biggest problems with Roman Catholic apologists throughout the centuries has been their use of anachronism. For example, RC apologists will frequently read their dogma of the immaculate conception back into the words of the church fathers when they call Mary 'immaculate'. They will read their dogma of purgatory into the words of Tertullian when, in reality, he was speaking of refrigerium interim. Oh, and let's not forget the Donation of Constantine or the Decretals of Pseudo-Isidore.

Well, James White has pointed out one such anachronism committed by our local RC apologist, Dave Armstrong.

I've also found an anachronism in DA's The Catholic Verses pertaining to Augustine's view of the 'Real Presence' in the Eucharist. Hopefully, when I finish my series on Apologetics, I'll get around to finishing my series on DA's book.

Lastly, I may from time to time debunk several of these patristic anachronisms that I see on Catholic apologetic websites.


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