Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Metaphysics and Darwinism

There is a post over at Uncommon Descent that goes through Darwin's metaphysical presuppositions that led to his theory. For a full treatment of this theme, read Cornelius Hunter's book, Darwin's God.

It shows how an unbiblical view of God, man, creation, and evil that arose in 17th-19th century Europe led Darwin to think that, since this view isn't reflected in nature, the only alternative, naturalistic common descent, must be true. Thank you natural theology for creating Darwinism! (sarcasm) Yick!


Stephen said...

Hey brother, I enjoyed reading your comments on my blog! Hope to see you around...

Bengt & Maarit i Finland said...

Hej Stephen Macasil.

Intressant websida du har.
Jag "snubblade" över den när jag sökte efter referenser till en sexuell tokning av Människans Syndafall.

Kanske det jag uppdtareade kan itressera dig.

Se dom 12 referenserns i mitten av texten...det var där jag var när jag träffade din sida.
Kanske du kan lista ut vilken av referenserna jag sökte , när jag träffade din websida
och på det sättet få en "din" ingångsprofil till denna kontroversiella men tydligen icke unika tolkning.

Mvh /Bengt
p.s hur kommer det sig att du skriver på svenska med så "osvenskt" namn

vem jag är...

Bengt & Maarit i Finland said...

Sorry if you dont speak swedish.
Here is a translation...

Hello Stephen Macasil.

Interesting webpage you have.

I stumbled over it seeking info to update a webpage that interpret the Human Fall sexually - Illisit Love Lucifer-Eve-Adam!

Maybe what I updated can trigger your interest! :-)

Seek the 12 references in the middle of this text.

The Fall Interpretation in english

Regards & God Bless your reading


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