Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Answering a Question

I was reading tonight and a novel idea dawned on me: check my S&S e-mail (it's located on my profile BTW). Well, I had a lot of spam but 1 actual e-mail question (that has been sitting there for 3 months!...oops):


You state the following:

"Augustine’s View of Original Sin: Augustine’s view of Original Sin, namely that the guilt of the first sin of Adam was transmitted to his offspring, was for the most part limited to the West. To this day, most Eastern Orthodox believe that Adam’s sin added death and corruption to human nature, not the guilt of the sin as well."

Now, isn't this the biblical and reformed view of original sin? I mean, don't we believe that the guilt is also transmitted to adam's offspring?
God bless,


Yes, Mario. I believe that you misunderstood what I said.

The Reformed affirm that Adam passed on not only the death and corruption of our nature but also the legal guilt.

The Eastern Orthodox Church believes that Adam passed on only the death and corruption of our nature but NOT the legal guilt.

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