Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saint and Sinner - Luther's Quote

My pseudonym is Saint and Sinner. The name comes from a quote from Martin Luther:

"Iustus et peccator simul." The true Christian, the regenerate man, is at once a saint and a sinner. Once a man believes in God and His risen Christ, the Christian is declared righteous by God even though he still has a sinful nature. Upon glorification, he is made morally perfect.

I received my degree in engineering and I love my job, but my true love is Christ and the study and defense of His Word. Thus, I love theology, philosophy of religion, science, philosophy of science, history, historical theology, etc.

My theology:
I am a Baptist, a Calvinist, and a Van Tilian presuppositionalist. I don't delve much into eschatology though I lean toward Covenant theology. Due to my philosophy of science, Instrumentalism, I allow Scripture to speak for itself, and so, I am a YEC.

My immediate interest at this moment is in philosophy of religion, especially the Transcendental Argument for God, a.k.a. TAG.

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